­‘Hope invested in Obama will end up in museum of lost hope’

With the Occupy Wall Street movement showing no sign of abating, author and blogger James Kunstler told RT he believes President Obama is a hostage to big business – and the mainstream media’s double standards will push more people onto the streets.

“We’re living in a time in the United States when the consensus about reality is so fractured, even among the people who are supposed to know what’s going on, that we cannot construct a coherent story about what’s happening to us and what we’re going to do about it”, said Kunstler in an interview with RT. “So, to expect the young people to be able to construct a coherent narrative when nobody else in the culture is capable of doing that is, I think, a little unfair.”

The reality that those young people have to face is, according to Kunstler, much more palpable than any image of America’s domestic affairs painted by politicians or Wall Street fat cats. Having visited the OWS protesters in Zuccotti Park, Kunstler said “The most telling placard I saw said ‘I have $70, 000 college debt, $12,000 medical bills, I’m 22 – where’s my bailout?’

And that, according to many who agree with the author and blogger, is one of the main reasons people are taking to the streets – they see no accountability from the decision- and policy-makers. “The outstanding feature of politics in the last 3 years”, Kunstler told RT “has been that nobody on Wall Street has had to sit in a courtroom to answer for the tremendous amount of misbehavior in banking.”

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