­Bon Jovi to strip in Moscow again?

When Soviet audiences failed to react to Bon Jovi’s music, Jon saved a flailing festival with an improvised striptease by borrowing a soldier’s uniform. Now fans are Livin’ on a Prayer as the band prepares to return with its first solo gig in Moscow.

The American rockers have been on stage for almost three decades, but have still never performed a full solo concert in Russia. 

Back in 1989, Bon Jovi Gave Love a Bad Name with a striptease at Moscow’s Peace Festival. After seeing the stony faces in the audience, Jon decided to liven up the proceedings by borrowing a soldier’s uniform (he apparently gave his jeans in return). His saucy performance has meant fans have Kept the Faith since, awaiting the band’s return.

The rockers will hit the capital’s Olympiisky Arena on April 14 next year. The band will play their best hits alongside new material, due to be released on their new album in 2013.

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