­What new British cinema has to offer

The New British Film Festival has opened in Moscow, and will screen 15 movies recently mentioned and awarded at international film festivals. The screenings will run at Moscow’s Gorizont cinema.

This year the festival is taking place for the 12th time, and will as always showcase films made over the past year and a half.

The program is quite extensive, and the Russian audience is not likely to be familiar with many of the festival’s entries, as none of them have previously been screened in the country.

Among the main entries are two films by David Mackenzie. The first one, which particularly deserves attention, was screened at Sundance and won in Edinburgh. Perfect Sense starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green is a love story of two people who are robbed of their sensory perceptions and try to preserve their feelings towards each other.

Another highlight of the program is Mr. Nice, directed by Bernard Rose and starring Rhys Ifans, Chloe Sevigny and David Thewlis. The movie is based on the popular memoirs of the international drug smuggler Howard Marks, whose network is said to have stretched across Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and North America, and involved connections with MI6, the IRA and the CIA.

Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block turns towards the recent riots in London. However instead of brave policemen, the city is protected from violence by aliens. This movie received a People’s Choice Award at LA, and two more local US festivals.

The full list of films on the menu can be found on the cinema’s playbill. The festival will run through November 13.

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