‘The more OWS is silenced the louder it grows’

Over the last couple of months, police in the US have been under fire for using extensive force against the “Occupy” movement. Some activists say the more the authorities try to silence the protesters voices, the more powerful the voices become.

­“The reality is [that] those that are in the movement are as diverse as we’ve ever seen it before, and they represent a large scope, but there is a political agenda to fight back against this growing and growing movement,” a public activist Axel Caballero told RT. “And the issue is that the more that political agenda is advanced, the more they try to quiet the movement, the more they try to isolate it, the bigger it grows and the stronger it grows.”

Caballero believes that the demonstrations will not stop because protesters’ motivation is as strong as before, and the message they are trying to deliver is becoming more defined.

“Maybe you are not going to see camps, but you are going to see more protests, you are going to see more actions, you are going to see more targeted approaches, you are going to see people move from one set of organization to another set of mobilization. And I think that that’s very important,” he said.

“The key thing here is not that they are in one place and because they have been dispersed, that… it was only about a sort of occupation, but this movement has a real interest and real [momentum] behind it,” Caballero pointed out. “There are particular messages that have to be delivered. And as long as those messages and that action have not caused change, the longer this movement will continue.”

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