“Gaddafi is a survivor”

NATO is surrendering in Libya. The alliance did not realize that the operation would take so much time and effort, Stephen Brown, contributing editor to FrontPage Magazine, told RT.

”France has just recently called for the rebels to negotiate with Gaddafi and said that the bombing will stop as soon as they are at the negotiating table,” he said. “This shows me that NATO is surrendering, the surrendering process has begun.”

According to Brown, the alliance is very surprised at the Gaddafi regime’s resilience in this war.

“He is a dictator like Saddam Hussein,” he said. “He has got billions of dollars in cash flying around. We found billions of dollars in cash when we invaded Iraq. Gaddafi has got the same thing.

“He is paying mercenaries. He is paying people still to train his troops, supposedly from Belarus. He is paying mercenaries to fly his airplanes,” Brown added. “He is a survivor and the rebels are going to come nowhere near to defeating his regular forces, which are very well trained.”

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