“We have received information that two “phony observers”

MOSCOW, March 4 (Itar-Tass) — The Public Chamber (OP) forwarded information to the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) on supposed stay of two “phony observers” at a polling station in the Moscow Region, said on Sunday chairman of the OP commission on development of civil society and cooperation with public chambers in subjects of the Russian Federation Iosif Diskin.

“We have received information that two “phony observers” (supposedly they have somebody else’s ID cards) stay at precinct election commission No 1452 (Moscow Region),” the volunteer said. “We have not seen these people on the webcam. People in a social network explained to us that “the observers” are not seen, since they specially duck webcams.”

“We forwarded the information to the CEC to find out the circumstances and to take measures, if need be,” the OP member concluded.

In turn, his colleague in the chamber Vladimir Belozerov noted that “complaints are received at negligence of members of the precinct election commission at polling station No. 1767 in St. Petersburg who fill out information about voters without any attention and make mistakes in passport numbers”.

“We made a reprimand on this case to the secretary of the precinct election commission,” he added.

Belozerov emphasized that “there are no remarks on election lists; there are no queues at the polling station, and all information is accessible to voters”.

Public observers from Volgograd, Petrozavodsk and Makhachkala indicate a high turnout of voters from 12.00 MT. According to their information, the voting passes quietly, webcams work; there are no conflicts at polls, and information on candidates is accessible to voters.

The Public Chamber works in a special regime on March 4-5: all information on the progress in voting in the regions is placed in a special section “Diary of public observer”.

Besides, a call-centre of the Public Chamber started operating on Sunday at 02.00 for communication with public observers, working at polling stations in the subjects of the Russian Federation.

All in all, 202 people (registered as representatives of the official site of the Public Chamber) participate in regional public chambers to monitor the elections.

The “hot line” of the Public Chamber for communications with voters has been also working on March 4 from 02.00. According to the latest data of the OP press service, the “hot line” received only 20 calls with complaints from voters throughout the night.

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