Main News of Feb 27


* European Union unfamiliar ministers agreednew sanctions opposite Syria, including a solidify on resources of a country’s executive bank and anathema on load flights into a EU

* Nearly 90 percent of electorate upheld Syria’s new structure meant to finish decades of one-party rule, state TV said

* A Ukrainian justice condemned Yuriy Lutsenko, a former Ukrainian interior apportion and fan of jailed antithesis personality Yulia Tymoshenko, to 4 years in jail for abuse of office

* A new building will be erected during a U.S. Embassy devalue in Moscow, a Embassy said


* The Russian Federal Protection Service (FSO) reliable that it had perceived information about a “terrorist attack” plotted opposite “Russia’s leadership”

* Moscow City Court certified opening a rapist box opposite Hermitage Capital counsel Sergei Magnitsky, who died in Moscow pretrial apprehension in 2009 of untreated health problems and, allegedly, a violence by jail guards

* Media reports alleging that Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika might have collaborated with unfamiliar comprehension services is a provocation, his bureau said


* Russian prosecutors claimed to have thwarted a attempted burglary of $1.6 million from a Sochi Olympics construction bill in 2011

* The Russian supervision is formulation to take critical measures to quarrel tawdry prolongation of Russian weaponry in unfamiliar countries, generally a Kalashnikov attack rifles

* Ukraine’s inhabitant appetite association Naftogaz has sent justification to Gazprom it claims disproves accusations from a Russian association that it siphoned off healthy gas firm for Europe, Naftogaz pronounced in a statement

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Russia to Inspect Georgian Mineral Water Producers

Experts from Russian consumer rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor will transport to Georgia to check companies that are formulation to resume reserve of famed Borzhomi vegetable H2O to Russia.

“The credentials of a revisit of Russian experts to Georgia to check suppliers of Borzhomi vegetable H2O to Russia is underway,” Rospotrebnadzor pronounced in a matter on Monday.

Russia criminialized imports of Georgian wines and dual renouned brands of vegetable H2O in 2006 citing a bad peculiarity of a products, a pierce widely cursed in Georgia as politically motivated.

Georgian winemakers and producers of Borzhomi vegetable H2O have done countless attempts to lapse to a Russian marketplace given then, though have not perceived domestic support from Georgian authorities.

Russia says it needs to check technological processes during a prolongation cycle and investigate samples of products before determining either to resume a imports from Georgia.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, Georgian IDC Borzhomi has recently submitted all required support on a peculiarity and flawlessness of the vegetable H2O and due the possess devise directed during fighting tawdry prolongation of the brand.

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Moscow Irate over New WikiLeaks Reports

Media reports alleging that Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika might have collaborated with unfamiliar comprehension services is a provocation, his bureau pronounced on Monday.

Some media outlets, citing WikiLeaks, asserted that Chaika was an informer for Stratfor, or Strategic Forecasting, Inc., a tellurian comprehension company.

“All of these stories are a provocation,” Marina Gridneva, orator for a Prosecutor General’s Office, said.

The reports advise that Chaika was a rarely infallible adviser and “a pivotal source on Russia.”

The new WikiLeaks papers in sold quote Chaika as commenting on a element of “Kremlin house wars” engineered by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as a means of ensuring a fortitude of his regime.

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Booers Confuse Official, Star Composer

Theater goers booed and jeered famous Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki during an show opening in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater this weekend.

None of them, however, had anything opposite a Grammy-winning vital classical of Polish music: a booers simply mistook Penderecki for Vladimir Churov, a conduct of a Russian Central Elections Commission.

Churov, a fixed fan of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, became one of a primary targets for a madness of a opposition-minded center category after refusing to acknowledge widespread reports about violations during a Dec parliamentary elections, carried by Putin’s United Russia. Churov was widely lambasted in absentia during a mass criticism rallies that followed a opinion in Moscow.

Churov and Penderecki demeanour vaguely similar, with white beards, decrease hairlines and glasses, that accounts for a difficulty during a opening of Rodion Shchedrin’s “Dead Souls” on Saturday, administration of a Golden Mask festival, that orderly a performance, pronounced on Facebook on Monday.

Spotting Penderecki in a museum box after a opening wrapped up, a spectators began to peppers him with shouts such as “Churov is today’s Chichikov!” and “Why a passed souls?” Both jeers were plays on “Dead Souls,” a 19-century joke that sum a travels of darling fraud artist Chichikov in hunt of “dead souls,” or defunct serfs that could be pawned.

Neither Churov nor Penderecki publicly commented on a incident.

The story appears to be a annulment of a new occurrence when an romantic of a pro-Kremlin girl organisation tormented a newcomer roving to Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport by train, carrying mistaken him for antithesis personality Boris Nemtsov.

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Russia to Conduct Inspection Flights over Italy

A craft carrying Russian troops observers will make a array of investigation flights over Italy underneath a Open Skies Treaty on Feb 27-March 2, a Russian Defense Ministry pronounced on Monday.

The goal will be carried out by an Antonov An-30B aircraft from Italy’s Ciampino airfield along a designated track totaling 2,015 kilometers.

“Russian and Italian experts on house a craft will guard a doing of agreements on a use of technical apparatus for a observation,” a method pronounced in a statement.

During a same period, U.S. inspectors on house a Boeing OS-135B regard aircraft will lift out a monitoring goal over a Russian territory.

The Open Skies Treaty, sealed in 1992 during a beginning of U.S. President George H. W. Bush, determined a regime of unarmed aerial regard flights over a territories of a 34 member states to foster honesty and a clarity of troops army and activities.

The covenant entered force on Jan 1, 2002 and a regime covers a inhabitant territories (land, islands, and inner and territorial waters) of all a covenant signatory states. It is an critical component of a European confidence structure.

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Anonymous joins army with OWS opposite NDAA-supporting politicians

America’s many absolute criticism groups are fasten army to advise inaugurated officials that they will be reason accountable for their actions. The debate is called Our Polls and a being launched with assistance from both Anonymous and a Occupy movement.

The AnonOps Communications website suggested sum early Monday this week per a hacktivist collective’s latest campaign. Along with a nation-wide Occupy Wall Street movement, Anonymous says they are going after a politicians in America that upheld legislation that both entities have mostly advocated against.

“Elected officials offer one purpose — to paint their constituents, a people who voted them into office,” reads a matter posted to a website. “Last year, many of a inaugurated officials let us down by giving in to deep-pocketed lobbyists and flitting laws meant to boost corporate increase during a responsibility of particular liberty.”

The legislation in doubt embody a National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, a Stop Online Piracy Act and a Protect IP Act. In an act of plea directed during those that upheld these bills, a groups have expelled a register of politicians that have not usually voiced preference for a laws, though that are also adult for reelection this year.

“You are one person. You have one vote. Use that opinion on Nov 6 to reason your inaugurated central accountable for ancillary bills such as NDAA, SOPA and PIPA,” reads their statement.

Although both SOPA and PIPA have been halted in Congress, a NDAA was successfully sealed into law by US President Barack Obama on Dec 31, 2011, extenuation a commander-in-chief a energy to sanction a troops detainment of American adults but ever bringing charges opposite them.

“Our Senators and Representatives showed how small they cared about personal freedoms when they voted overwhelmingly to pass a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),” reads Monday’s statement, that also calls a act “a distinguished hazard to a inalienable due routine rights of each US citizen as laid out in a Constitution.”

“It allows a troops to rivet in municipal law enforcement, and to postpone due process, habeas corpus or other inherent guarantees when desired. Our congressmen upheld one of a biggest threats to polite liberties in a story of a United States.”

Similar legislation in a capillary of a unsuccessful SOPA and PIPA acts have also been drafted given their defeat, that critics fear could means a US supervision to exercise a deceive of censorship over a World Wide Web. Although activists with both Anonymous and Occupy have plainly against such laws in a past, a latest debate will during final move both bodies together to criticism any other ban legislation.

According to a matter expelled Monday, both groups aim to make certain that any lawmaker selected by a American people will walks divided Election Day a crook if they support any such acts.

“We are job on voters, activists and keyboard warriors underneath all banners to combine as a singular force to replace a inaugurated member who bluster a essential freedoms and who were so discerning to minimize a particular inherent rights for a discerning corporate profit,” they write.

Although both Anonymous and OWS are described as leaderless transformation with no grave organization, a AnonOps Communication website and a associated Twitter accounts have served as an unaccepted passage of sorts in terms of relaying information regarding to a hacktivist collective. The site has formerly announced, reliable and commented on hacks and other campaigns credited to Anonymous.

During final week’s installment of Anonymous’ #FuckFBIFriday campaign, a organisation tackled a website of GEO Group, Inc., a multi-national private jail government organisation operated out of Florida. In a matter that accompanied that hack, operatives aligned with a Anon common announced another devise put together in team-work with a Occupy movement. In that instance, both groups intend to join army on Tuesday this week to impetus in cities opposite America to direct an finish to a termination of a OWS movement. Hacktivists with Anonymous have also formerly cursed law coercion agencies opposite America for vigourously responding to a occupier’s pacific demonstrations that began final Sep in New York.

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Moscow justice orders new hearing opposite defunct whistleblower Magnitsky

Sergey Magnitsky is set to turn a initial male to be attempted posthumously in Russia’s complicated authorised story after a preference from a Moscow City Court.

The justice deserted an interest from his mother, Natalya Magnitskaya, opposite a case, that she describes as “grotesque.”

Sergey Magnitsky was a counsel for Hermitage Capital, an investment fund. He claimed to have unclosed taxation rascal value $230 million in 2008. He serve purported that taxation officials and policemen had conspired to illegally send tenure of partial of his association to themselves, and afterwards to compensate themselves a outrageous taxation remission out of a supervision budget.

But before any shame could be proven, Magnitskiy was arrested and indicted of piracy by a same officials he pronounced were behind a fraud.

After being hold but hearing for eleven months, he died in control in Nov 2009 after being refused medical treatment.

Magnitsky’s mom claims a new box is a personal vendetta, directed during interlude her from publicizing a law about a taxation fraud.

British MPs are formulation to palm a fortitude to Parliament job for a visa blacklist for all a officials concerned in a Magnitsky case. The United States has already introduced a identical document.

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Advocaat praises Russian exodus from English Premier League

Dick Advocaat says that a lapse of Andrey Arshavin and several other Russian internationals from a English Premier League will assistance a inhabitant group do improved during Euro 2012.

­“I consider it’s really good for a inhabitant group that Arshavin will have some-more personification practice,” Advocaat told “I can contend a same about Roman Pavlyuchenko, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov and Pavel Pogrebnyak. During a final 6 months they spent too small time on a pitch, though now a conditions will improve.”

Arshavin has left Arsenal on a half-year loan, rejoining his former side Zenit Saint Petersburg final week.

This winter, Pavlyuchenko and Bilyaletdinov also substituted English teams Tottenham and Everton from Moscow sides – Lokomotiv and Spartak, respectively.

Advocaat pronounced he closely follows a opening of a Russian member in a Champions League – Zenit and CSKA, and wishes them a best of luck.

“I wish that both teams will make it to a subsequent round,” a Dutchman stressed.  It won’t impact a inhabitant patrol as we’ll have adequate time for all a players to recover.”

The Russian football manager was articulate before to his team’s accessible diversion opposite Denmark, to take place in Copenhagen on Feb 29.

“We’ve done this choice in sequence to have an event to play with a clever team,”
a 64-year-old explained. “But their character can’t be compared to any of a rivals during Euro 2012.”

Advocaat pronounced he’s awaiting his group not usually uncover good football, though bag a win in a arriving match.

“Both are critical for us during a moment,” he said. “We don’t get that many chances to come together. In particular, this’ll be a final diversion before a training stay before to a European Championships itself.”

Tournament’s co-hosts Poland, Greece and Czech Republic will be Russia’s rivals during Euro 2012 this summer.

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Tehran not statute out entrance to any troops sites

Iran does not order out giving a IAEA entrance to troops investigate sites on a soil, Iran’s attach� to a IAEA told RT. This comes after UN chief experts visited Tehran, usually to contend that Iran had barred inspectors from visiting a pivotal troops site.

­“First of all a organisation were not inspectors per se,” explained Ali Asghar Soltanieh. “They were high officials of a group from a legal, domestic and technical departments.”

The IAEA suspects a pivotal troops site in Parchin could have been a site of high-explosives tests associated to chief weapons. They requested accede to revisit a site during a group’s two-day revisit to Tehran, yet unsuccessful to get access.

But Ali Asghar Soltanieh says a genuine aim of a assembly was “to plead a existence and horizon for a destiny work”.

However, articulate exclusively to RT, he stressed that “Iran is not statute out entrance to any troops sites, including Parchin”. But there are conditions that Iran wants a IAEA to follow.

“There should be a morality, a framework, a tenure of anxiety about what accurately they are looking for. We have to have word that we will not repeat a same sour knowledge that each day they only come and ask for a access,” a attach� stressed.

Soltanieh deserted all allegations concerning Iran’s chief activity and pronounced he was “one hundred per cent confident”, that “all this is wrong.”

“I only wish to tell we that final week, maybe this is a initial time we am revelation you, we, in fact, offering a group to go to another site that a executive ubiquitous in his news has referred to as a vast scale high-explosive test. We offered, yet a group was educated by a executive ubiquitous to go behind to Vienna. Therefore we don’t have any perplexity that each activity we have has zero to do with chief weapons.”

And even yet a UN chief inspectors’ latest revisit to Iran has left them still with a faith that a nation is not amply auxiliary adequate with courtesy to a atomic program, Iran’s attach� to IAEA summed adult a formula of a two-day revisit as “extremely intensive.”

Now a IAEA attach� has emphasized that Iran is prepared to continue discussions, and therefore “the group has full control” over a country’s troops sites.

“Regarding allegations, that is another issue, we have done a historic  benefaction now by mouth-watering a group high officials to come to Iran,” he said.

“We have continued a work with a group notwithstanding all a sanctions, a apprehension opposite a scientists, all resolutions,” he added.

Five IAEA inspectors, led by Herman Nackaerts, visited Iran on a two-day trip directed during solution a country’s superb chief issues. The group hold talks with Iranian officials yet was barred from visiting Parchin, where a IAEA suspects Iran has been conducting hydrodynamic experiments, according to a news published final November.

It is unsatisfactory that Iran did not accept a ask to revisit Parchin,” IAEA executive Yukiya Amano pronounced in a matter following a trip. “We intent in a constructive spirit, yet no agreement was reached.

The IAEA’s latest outing to Iran followed an progressing revisit to a nation from Jan 29 to 31. During that tour, 6 IAEA inspectors also hold what Iran called “constructive talks” with a country’s officials, yet did not revisit any chief facilities.

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Blast collapses Russian unit block

MOSCOW — An blast apparently caused by healthy gas has heavily shop-worn a nine-story unit building in southern Russia, withdrawal dual people passed and 12 injured.

In this print distributed by Astrakhan bend of a Ministry for Emergency Situations, Emergency Situations Ministry rescuers check waste of an unit building after an blast on Monday morning, Feb. 27, 2012, in Astrakhan, Russia. Such gas explosions are visit in Russia.(AP Photo/ Astrakhan Branch, Ministry of Emergency Situations Press Service)

In this print distributed by Astrakhan bend of a Ministry for Emergency Situations a ubiquitous perspective of an unit building after an blast on Monday morning, Feb. 27, 2012, in Astrakhan, Russia. Such gas explosions are visit in Russia.(AP Photo/ Astrakhan Branch, Ministry of Emergency Situations Press Service, HO)

In this print distributed by Astrakhan bend of a Ministry for Emergency Situations, Emergency Situations Ministry rescuers check waste of an unit building after an blast on Monday morning, Feb. 27, 2012, in Astrakhan, Russia. Such gas explosions are visit in Russia.(AP Photo/ Astrakhan Branch, Ministry of Emergency Situations Press Service)

In this print distributed by Astrakhan bend of a Ministry for Emergency Situations, Emergency Situations Ministry rescuer inspects waste of an unit building after it exploded on Monday morning, Feb. 27, 2012, in Astrakhan, Russia. Such gas explosions are visit in Russia.(AP Photo/ Astrakhan Branch, Ministry of Emergency Situations Press Service,)

Rescue workers were acid by a rubble, and officials pronounced during slightest 11 residents of a building are unaccounted for.

The blast occurred Monday in Astrakhan, a city 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) southeast of Moscow.

A orator for a informal emergencies ministry, Oleg Grekov, told a ITAR-Tass news group dual bodies were pulled from a rubble late Monday.

Regional Investigative Committee mouthpiece Anna Konyaeva pronounced a blast initial blew out a reduce territory of a building. As people rushed to help, a top 6 stories collapsed.

Explosions of gas canisters in Russian homes and businesses are common.

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China, Russia Angry Over US Hillaries Comments on Syria

China and Russia have responded angrily after a United States criticized their position on Syria and a European Union imposed new sanctions on a supervision of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Chinese Foreign Ministry orator Hong Lei pronounced Monday China will not accept U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s libel of other countries. Last week, Clinton called a actions by China and Russia on a Syrian dispute “despicable.”

An successful Chinese state newspaper, a People’s Daily, pronounced a United States has no right to pronounce for a Arab people.

“The comments by a mentioned American chairman are totally unsuitable for us. On a Syria question, China has always confirmed a satisfactory and design stance.”

Also Monday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin shielded a corner halt by Russia and China of U.N. Security Council resolutions condemning Syria for a infantry crackdown opposite an anti-government uprising.

Russia and China have regularly blocked a Security Council from holding movement opposite Syria’s government.

In another growth Monday, EU unfamiliar ministers imposed sanctions on Syria’s executive bank and froze a resources of several Syrian supervision officials.

The confederation has already blacklisted scarcely 150 Syrian entities and people.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong, also welcomed Sunday’s referendum on a new structure for Syria, that has been deserted by a United States and other Western governments as a farce.

“We wish that this referendum is gainful to pulling brazen Syria’s remodel and progress, opens a doorway for domestic dialogue, and meets Syrian people’s fit final for a change and insurance of their interests. We wish that a several sides in Syria can make efforts to palliate a moving conditions as early as possible.”

Hong pronounced China hopes a referendum, that would open a doorway to domestic antithesis parties, will palliate a dispute that has seen thousands of civilians killed by Syrian confidence forces.

However, antithesis factions in Syria called for a protest of a referendum, observant a usually excusable resolution to a nation’s predicament is for President Assad to step down.

The structure would emanate a multi-party complement in Syria, that has been governed usually by a Baath Party given 1963. But even if it passes, President Assad would still be really powerful.

Forces constant to a boss were blamed for a deaths of during slightest 31 people Sunday while voting on a referendum took place. Syria says a army are fighting foreign-backed terrorists.

Clinton renewed her critique of a Syrian supervision Sunday during a revisit to Morocco. She pronounced infantry who sojourn constant to Mr. Assad are dishonoring themselves, and she urged them to defect.

“And we wish to echo my summary to those Syrians who still support (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, generally members of a Syrian infantry and business community. The longer we support a regime’s debate of assault opposite your brothers and sisters, a some-more it will mark your honor. If we refuse, however, to column adult a regime or take partial in attacks on your associate citizens, your countrymen and women will accost we as heroes.”

U.N.-appointed investigators guess a genocide fee from a overthrow during 6,400 civilians and 1,680 army defectors. Syrian officials have pronounced they usually took infantry movement when underneath armed conflict from “terrorists.”

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Russia Condemns ‘Friends Of Syria’ Meeting

European Union unfamiliar ministers have imposed uninformed sanctions on Syria.

Measures motionless on Feb 27 during a assembly in Brussels enclosed a solidify on Syrian central-bank assets, an EU transport anathema on 7 Syrians tighten to President Bashar al-Assad, a anathema on Syrian load flights into a 27-nation EU, and restrictions on Syrian trade in bullion and changed metals.

The EU has already blacklisted roughly 150 Syrian entities and people, and imposed an oil and arms embargo on Assad’s regime.

The new EU moves came days after Western and Arab countries affianced to boost vigour on a regime and boost support for a antithesis during a “Friends of Syria” entertainment in Tunis.

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denounced final week’s meeting, job it “one-sided.”

Russia did not attend a assembly on Feb 24 in Tunis involving envoys from some-more than 60 countries, including Arab states, European Union countries, and a United States.

The assembly cursed a Assad regime, a Moscow ally, for a lethal crackdown on protests and vowed serve sanctions targeting a regime.

WATCH: Syria hold a inhabitant referendum on a new structure after scarcely 11 months of aroused disturbance (AP video):


Speaking on Feb 27 in Moscow, Lavrov pronounced a assembly was “clearly one-sided” and did not assistance to emanate conditions in that all Syrian factions could find a domestic solution.

China and Iran also refused to attend a Tunis meeting.

The Russian unfamiliar apportion spoke as Syrian supervision army reportedly resumed their shelling of pro-opposition areas in a executive Homs Province.

With AFP, AP, Interfax, and dpa reporting

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Russia ‘thwarts plot’ to murder Putin

MOSCOW – Russia pronounced on Monday a tip services had thwarted a tract hatched in a Ukrainian pier city by suspected militants from Chechnya to murder Vladimir Putin after successive weekend’s presidential vote.

State radio showed a dual group admissing to conspiring to kill a Russian strongman in a bombing conflict that was suggested to a open reduction than a week before Putin’s expected feat in Sunday’s election.

The plot’s existence was reliable by Putin’s orator as good as a Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and a Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) counterpart. But some analysts lifted guess over a timing of a news.

The supposed confessions showed a dual group observant they acted on a orders of Chechen Islamist belligerent Doku Umarov, a warlord who has claimed lethal airfield and metro bombings in Moscow over a past dual years.

Officials pronounced a span along with a third male who died while perplexing to ready a explosve were all racial Chechens who were incarcerated in Ukraine’s Black Sea pier of Odessa in Jan and early February.

It was not transparent because a authorities had waited until only days were left before a Mar 4 check to make their announcement.

“It only seems like an implausible fluke that these monsters were detected today,” eccentric troops researcher Alexander Golts told AFP.

Channel One pronounced a 3 plotters went to Ukraine from a United Arab Emirates around Turkey with “clear instructions from member of Doku Umarov”.

“They told us that initial we come to Odessa and learn how to make bombs,” Channel One showed a male identified as Ilya Pyanzin as saying.

“And afterwards later, in Moscow, we will theatre attacks opposite blurb objects, with a successive assassination try opposite Putin,” a male said.

The state radio footage showed a video of Putin removing into his automobile being played on a laptop mechanism belonging to second think Adam Osmayev – a male a news pronounced had lived for a prolonged time in London.

The hidden-camera footage of a Russian primary minister’s movements was shot “so that we had an bargain of how he was protected,” Osmayev said.

“The finish idea was to come to Moscow and to try to theatre an assassination try opposite premier Putin,” he said. “The deadline was after a choosing of a Russian president.”

The news pronounced one of a dual incarcerated group had told Russian and Ukrainian investigators that some explosives had already been dark nearby a Kutuzovsky Prospekt entrance that Putin passes daily to strech a supervision White House.

It quoted an unclear Russian FSB central as observant that a explosives would have combined a “serious blast… absolute adequate to rip detached a truck”.

Putin’s orator reliable that a dual group incarcerated were concerned in an purported tract to murder a Russian strongman. “I endorse this information though am not commenting now,” ITAR-TASS quoted Dmitry Peskov as saying.

An FSB central told a RIA Novosti news group that a suspected plotters were all Chechens who belonged to one of Umarov’s armed groups.

Putin’s career is related closely to a heartless though eventually renouned second debate in Chechnya that he launched while still portion as Boris Yeltsin’s primary apportion in 1999.

The segment stays wracked by assault to this day and Umarov is still during vast notwithstanding steady attempts by Russian army to kill him.

The news came only days after Putin told a debate convene that a “battle for Russia continues” and some analysts saw pronounced a tract could do no mistreat to his choosing chances.

“This is a new means for mobilization around Putin and it has been put forwards as another evidence in his favour,” pronounced Alexander Konovalov of a Institute for Strategic Assessments.

The purported assassination try opposite Putin is during slightest a sixth reported by a Russian media given he initial became boss 12 years ago.

The final was reportedly designed for his Jun 2007 revisit to Istanbul for a informal summit.

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Russian elections: Mikhail Khodorkovsky wants change Says Make me president!

The movement – that was billed as a leaderless and apolitical “act
of unity” rather than a convene in sequence to equivocate laws that require
political demonstrations to obtain accede from a city authorities –
passed off peacefully, though 10 people were after arrested after perplexing to
hold a politically-themed jubilee of maslinitsa – a Russian
version of pancake day – on a executive block nearby a Kremlin.

It was a latest in a array of tens-of-thousands-strong demonstrations
calling for purify elections and Prime
Minister Mr Putin’s
ouster that have strike a Russian collateral since
alleged rascal during parliamentary elections final December.

Many dressed in white or wore a white ribbons of a “fair elections”
movement that has erupted in a 3 months given injured parliamentary
elections in December.

Those but ribbons waved white balloons, scarves and even cosmetic bags at
passing cars that honked their support for a action. One distinguished human
rights romantic even brought a white cat.

Police estimated 10,000 people had taken partial in a action. Local media,
going on a arrogance of dual people per metre all around a road’s 9.3
mile circumference, estimated as many as 10,000 took part.

Many demonstrators certified to stress that a unusual form of protest
would destroy to attract adequate people or be injured by fight with
pro-Putin girl groups and police.

“I was fearful no one would spin up. It’s illusory to see so many people
with a same values,” pronounced Natasha, a 28 year aged child psychologist
who pronounced she had come out “because we wish my voice to count for

In a opposite demonstration, activists from dual pro-Kremlin girl movements,
Nashi (Ours) and Stal (Steel) were seen on one territory of a ring road
wearing placards in a figure of hearts emblazoned with a aphorism “Putin
Loves Everyone!”

The new call of gainsay is doubtful to forestall Mr Putin from returning to
the Kremlin for a third time during presidential elections subsequent Sunday, however.

The many new opinion polls advise he will win with adult to 66 per cent of
the opinion – absolutely some-more than a 50 per cent indispensable to equivocate a second
round run-off with his closest rival, Communist personality Gennady Zyuganov.

But tighten Putin allies are pronounced to have been amply rattled by the
protests to press him to set a depart date after he earnings to office.

“That would during a singular cadence take a breeze from a opposition’s sails,”
a former Putin help told a Sunday Times. “People around him are
definitely deliberating it. It would be a really intelligent move.”

Many people were harm and had to go to hospitals since of stupidity!

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Russia to Address Illegal Production of Russian Arms

The Russian supervision is formulation to take critical measures to quarrel tawdry prolongation of Russian weaponry in unfamiliar countries, generally a Kalashnikov attack rifles.

“Unfortunately, many countries, including those that cruise themselves civilized, do not honour a patents of Russian manufacturers,” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin pronounced during a Cabinet assembly on Monday.

“We contingency make a approval of a skill rights a priority in military-technical cooperation,” Rogozin said.

According to experts, exports of illegally constructed Russian arms cost a nation adult to $6 billion a year and also repairs Russia’s image.

The many scandalous instance is a bootleg prolongation of a famed Kalashnikov attack rifles in during slightest 15 countries, generally in Eastern Europe.

According to Kalashnikov writer Izhmash, Russia accounts for usually 10-12% of a million Kalashnikov rifles sole globally each year, with a rest being unlawful copies.

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Wehrmacht; Racist Arrested After Stabbing Migrant

A male suspected of stabbing a migrant in a Moscow metro while dressed as a wartime German infantryman has been arrested only outward Moscow, a Ministry of Internal Affairs website reported on Monday.

The 25-year-old male from Khimki nearby Moscow entered a metro in May 2011 dressed in a wartime Wehrmacht uniform. He began scornful people of non-European coming and giving a Nazi salute, and afterwards stabbed a migrant newcomer in a chest.

He was arrested on a Feb 13, 2012, though a detain was not formerly reported.

Upon acid a man’s apartment, investigators found radical literature, swastika stickers, and videos from a Russian National Union, an classification famous as extremist. The think was a member of an spontaneous worried girl movement, questioner say, and frequently kept in hold with neo-Nazis abroad.

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FACTBOX: Assassination Plots Against Vladimir Putin

Russian and Ukrainian special services have arrested a organisation of suspects over a tract to murder Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russia’s state radio pronounced Monday.

The suspects were behaving on a orders of Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, Channel One said. They were allegedly plotting to kill Putin in Moscow immediately after presidential polls on Mar 4, that a 59-year-old is widely approaching to win. The group, a theme of an general detain warrant, was arrested in Ukraine’s Black Sea pier city of Odessa.

Putin has formerly been targeted by assassins.

In Feb 2000, Russian media quoted confidence sources as observant Chechen militants were plotting to kill Putin, afterwards behaving president, during his arriving outing to St. Petersburg for a wake of his coach Anatoly Sobchak . The Federal Security Service (FSB) conjunction reliable nor denied a information.

In Sep 2000, a conduct of Ukraine’s tip use SBU pronounced it arrested 4 Chechens and several Middle Eastern adults plotting to kill a Russian personality during a limit of a former Soviet states hold in a Black Sea review city of Yalta in Aug that year. SBU conduct Leonid Derkach pronounced Ukraine had been sloping off by Russian intelligence.

In Oct 2001, Azerbaijan’s special services pronounced they had foiled a tract to kill Putin during a designed revisit to a collateral Baku in Jan of a following year. The suspect, Iraqi citizen Kianan Rostam, underwent training in Afghanistan and was related “with people who were during Osama bin Laden’s training camps,” a orator for Azerbaijan’s National Security Ministry said. Rostam was attempted on terrorism charges and condemned to 10 years in prison.

On Oct 19, 2003, British newpsaper The Sunday Times pronounced dual Russian nationals had been arrested in London over a suspected tract to murder Putin. The unnamed men, pronounced to be radical KGB officers, were formulation to have him assassinated while on a unfamiliar trip. They were after expelled but charge. Police officers from SO13, a anti-terrorist branch, acted on a spill from Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer in a FSB, a inheritor to a KGB. Litvinenko, an outspoken Kremlin critic, was murdered by hot poisoning in London in 2006.

On Jun 25, 2007, Turkish confidence services pronounced they had hold 5 group suspected of attempting to kill Putin during a limit of a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation in Instanbul. The group were reportedly related with al Qaeda.

In Oct 2007, Russian media cited unnamed confidence sources as observant self-murder bombers were plotting to kill Putin during a revisit to Tehran after that month. In Jan 2008, Iran pronounced it had incarcerated a male indicted of swelling rumors of a probable assassination try opposite Putin during a Tehran visit.

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Russia Lauds Syria Referendum as Move to Democracy

Russia has welcomed Syria’s holding of a inherent referendum finale a statute Baath Party’s corner on energy in a nation as a step toward democracy, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pronounced on Monday.

“I consider that those who see this as a pierce toward democracy are right. The finish of a corner position by one celebration in a domestic complement should be welcomed,” Lavrov pronounced during a press discussion with diplomats from Myanmar.

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Thwarted try on Putin meant to destabilize Russia – officials

Several tip Russian parliamentarians determine that a tract opposite Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, unclosed by Russian and Ukrainian special services, was an try to destabilize a conditions in Russia in a elections period.

A former conduct of a Federal Security Service and now a State Duma deputy, Nikolay Kovalev, pronounced that a series of reports on thwarted militant attacks is constantly augmenting and a special services were right to provide such reports with due attention.

He combined that a fact that a try on Vladimir Putin’s life was prevented was explanation that Russian special services were well-prepared and on high alert.

The parliamentarian also asserted that a general terrorists had set destabilizing Russia as their primary design and that a most-wanted militant in Russia, Doku Umarov, who reportedly systematic a attempt, was targeting Putin privately since Russia’s enemies saw a primary apportion as a guarantor of stability.

The conduct of a Lower House Committee for Security and Countering Corruption, Irina Yarovaya, also settled a prepared assassination was an try to destabilize a conditions in a country, as Putin was a categorical hazard to criminals and terrorists. She combined that a skeleton of an general militant organisation to murder Putin were explanation that a anti-terrorist process of a Russian authorities was fit and successful.

The conduct of a Defense and Security Committee of a Upper House, Viktor Ozerov, told a press that a tract opposite Putin was an try to revenge a light and consistent onslaught opposite terrorism. “All Vladimir Putin’s actions, starting with his work as a FSB executive and finale with hiscurrent position, have been directed during fighting with criminal formations, orderly crime and terrorism,” Ozerov noted. “Putin has stepped on a throat and tail of many a militant and this is because a preparations for such militant conflict are frequency a surprise,” he concluded.

Russian media reported on Monday that a confidence services of Russia and Ukraine had jointly unclosed a tract of several terrorists who designed to dedicate countless militant attacks on Russian domain and kill Prime Minister and presidential claimant Vladimir Putin with a roadside bomb.

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Shrines safeguarded from Pussy Riot Band

Russian Cossacks are to mount ensure over Moscow’s Orthodox churches after a feminist punk rope pennyless into a Cathedral and sang irreverent songs during a altar.

­Earlier this month, 4 members of a all-girl rope Pussy Riot rushed a church dressed in mini-dresses and wearing masks.  Without losing time, they sang a strain entitled Holy S**t  before being escorted out by security.

The girls are scandalous for their broadside stunts. They’ve achieved a strain on Red Square addressed to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Now a Cossack say, “Let’s strengthen a holy shrines!”, earnest to emanate vigilante groups to strengthen a series of churches in a Russian capital.

Russia’s Cossacks are famous for their clever traditions and eremite values, as good as their heading group spirit. For centuries, a Cossacks helped Russia strengthen the borders and enhance the territory.

Security guards will be on avocation usually during weekends, reportedly due to a necessity of people and uniforms.

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