46% of West Ukrainians Say Maidan Failed to Uproot Corruption, 20% Prepared to Participate in another Uprising

Imagine what the numbers would be if they included East Ukraine

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An interesting morsel from Time

At the start of February, Poroshenko’s approval ratings dropped below 50% for the first time since he took office in June, according to a nationwide poll conducted by the Research Branding Group, a leading Ukrainian pollster. More alarming for his government, nearly half of respondents in the survey (46%) said the revolution had failed to meet its goals of uprooting corruption. One in five said they were prepared to take part in another uprising to finish the work of the last one. “This is an incredibly huge number,” says Evgeny Kopatko, the director of the polling agency. “It shows that the protest potential is still extremely high. People just don’t see the changes that they were expecting.

The poll excluded “the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk and Lugansk regions” — all part of Ukraine, according to Kiev. Imagine the results if they were included. 

Good luck, Poroshenko!

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