A Song for Maria ‘Aquamarine’ Zakharova (Video)

Maria Zakharova is the first woman to occupy the position of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and since then has been ubiquitous on television screens as she presents to the world the Russian Federation’s point of view.

This ubiquity was noticed by Cameroonian singer Pierre Narcisse, an already familiar voice in Russia, who on account of Zakharova’s apparent boundless energy, together with her “aquamarine” blue eyes, inspired him to pen a song in her honor.

He has provided Zakharova with a sampling of the song through twitter, and to his surprise received a positive response. The accompanying music video is in the finishing stages, and it should not be long now before the Russian airwaves are carrying an ode to Maria “Aquamarine” Zakharova.

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