American Hegemony Is Deeply Connected to Europe’s Division

Divide and conquer. America is using every trick it has to drive a wedge between the EU and Russia and safeguard its place as the world’s only superpower

This article originally appeared at Deep Resource

In the world of today, there are only four serious powers with global stature: USA, EU, Russia and China. How can the US stay ‘on top’? By setting up the others against each other. That’s what the US is basically doing in Ukraine, trying to set up Russia and EU against each other. Do the EU and Russian leaders see through this scam? Of course. How do these leaders react? Russia was driven in the arms of China (SCO); Germany and France try have their cake and eat it too, that is: try to pretend to remain friends with the party who wishes to push you into war (anti-Russian sanctions) and at the same time, behind closed doors, communicate to Russia that Germany and France are not interested in escalation (Minsk 2).

Economic pecking order (GDP):

Military pecking order:
EU countries UK, France, Germany

The US cannot openly, for the eye of the world, proclaim that it wants war with Russia, so it needs to find a way to covertly escalate the situation. Strategy: to kill as many Russians as possibly via proxy Ukraine.

US thug advocating killing as many Russians as possible.

It worked in 1939, when the US encouraged the Poles to go after the Germans forced to live in Versailles-Poland, pushing Germany to invade Poland and WW2 was a fact, just what the US (and USSR) wanted.

Today the US tries to make the same trick work by encouraging the Ukrainians to kill as many Russians as possibly in Donbass, to provoke Putin to invade and make it very difficult for Germany and France to refuse to cooperate with the US, unless Germany and France break with the US altogether. We have our doubts if Merkel and Hollande are designed for such a task. It is more likely that the German and French street will refuse to let itself being sicked against Russia.

How to escape from this situation? Courageous European leader secretly crafting a all-Eurasian coalition against Anglosphere:

France Germany joining SCO overnight and agree what needs to be done with Anglosphere after the war, just like Anglosphere and the USSR divided the European loot among themselves in Yalta.


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