Are Paid Government Trolls Harrassing London Mayoral Candidate George Galloway? (Video)

With all the discussion of trolls and hackers manipulating the US elections, the Dutch-Ukraine referendum, the Russian elections, and much else, this discussion with Mr. Galloway, who is running for mayor of London, is very timely.

An explosive investigative piece recently appeared on Bloomberg about how hackers are wreaking havoc on elections.  It is must read information.

For those who don’t follow UK politics, Galloway is a dogged gadfly to the UK establishment, one of the most articulate critics of Israel policy towards the palestinians, and was a leader of the pre-Iraq European peace movement, arguing forcefully that the Iraq war was being drummed up by the media on, as he famously put it, “a pack of lies”.

Another interesting thing about Galloway is that even his critics concede that he is a brilliant public speaker, many say, the best in the UK.  For an example of his ascerbity, see the second video below, where he famously destroys two very hawkish, neoconish, pro-Israel, pro-Iraq war senators, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, and Carl Levin of Michigan, who happen to be jewish themselves.  They hauled him up in front of senate investigation committee, probably not realizing who they were dealing with, and got their heads handed to them.  The fun starts at 0.15.  Politics junkies will enjoy the full version on youtube.  

Youtube is full of Galloway’s bon mots.  A particularly good video is a famous debate with Christopher Hitchens, where the redoubtable Hitchens meets his Waterloo.

Galloway’s guest is Neil Clark, one of the best writers on Russian affairs today.  What he has to say is always of value.  You can see his work here.





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