Black Kangaroo Spotted in Russian Forest

MOSCOW, November 9 (RIA Novosti) – A couple driving through a forest in southeastern Russia has videotaped a black kangaroo on the side of the road and fed the exotic animal with a banana.

The video, posted on YouTube, has become an instant hit on the Russian segment of the Internet.

Judging from the video clip, the driver initially thought it was a hare, but his wife insisted it was an exotic animal native to Australia.

The couple stopped the car and the woman tried to feed the kangaroo with a banana before driving off.

According to local media, residents of the Saratov region have previously spotted the stray kangaroo at least twice this year – in spring and summer.

The animal could have fled from a private zoo owned by a local businessman, the media speculated.

The rare kangaroo encounter prompted a wave of funny comments among members of the Russian online community that suggest future appearances of behemoths in the Moskva River or chimpanzees on branches of fir trees, which are common in Russia.

Kangaroo in Russian Forest – Can It Get Any Weirder?

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