Bride-to-be catches fiance cheating on her using Russias Google Street View

Big News Network (ANI)
Friday 22nd February, 2013

A bride-to-be has caught her fiance cheating on her with his lover with the help of Russia’s equivalent of Google Street View, Yandex Maps.

Marina Voinova logged on to Yandex Maps to just look for an address in her home town of Perm.

But she saw her boyfriend of five years had been walking down the street with his arm clearly round another woman, the Daily Mirror reports.

Stunned Marina told Russian site LifeNews that initially she thought that the person she saw on the map was her boyfriend’s look alike.

But then she looked more carefully, zoomed in and saw that it was indeed him.

She realized that he was lying and cheating on her all this time.

According to the report, Marina was able to catch her fella out because Yandex Maps doesn’t obscure faces unlike Google Street View. (ANI)

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