British Ship With Two Russians Onboard Seized Off Cameroon

MOSCOW, February 8 (RIA Novosti) – A British vessel with two Russians onboard has been seized by unknown attackers off the West African nation of Cameroon, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

The United Kingdom-flagged vessel Ester-C went missing on February 6 in Cameroonian waters between the port of Douala and the capital of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo, the ministry said.

The Russian embassy in Cameroon is trying to identify the abducted Russian nationals.

Britain has joined the effort to release the hostages. The Russian and British authorities are in talks with Cameroon’s law enforcement officials and port authorities, the ministry said.

This is not the first instance of Russians being abducted off Cameroon.

Two Russians onboard the Greek-owned vessel North Spirit were captured by pirates in Cameroon’s largest port of Douala in mid-May 2010, but released in July that year after the Greek shipping company paid a ransom.

West Africa is one of the world’s most dangerous areas for piracy, according to the International Chamber of Commerce’s Maritime Bureau.


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