Child Killed by Wild Dogs in Siberia

KRASNOYARSK, March 1 (RIA Novosti) – Russian police said on Friday they are looking into the death of a boy thought to have been killed by wild dogs or wolves in eastern Siberia.

The dead boy’s body was found with numerous bites and his clothes torn into pieces near Lake Yessey in Russia’s Evenkia district in Krasnoyarsk Territory late on Thursday.

The body, discovered by the boy’s mother, was surrounded by traces of animals which appeared to be from wolves or dogs, local police spokeswoman Tatyana Shkampletova said on Friday.

Yessey village head Gennady Maimaga said stray dogs which roam the area had previously attacked local residents.

“They actively breed in the forest and enter the village’s territory. There were previous cases when they had attacked people,” Maimaga told RIA Novosti.

The village plans to ask the district’s administration to help with the problem, he added.

Regional police officials are heading to Yessey for a preliminary inquiry into the death.

In January, a wolf cull was ordered in the neighboring republic of Yakutia after proliferating wolves began to cause problems by attacking livestock.


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