CIA shows concern over Russians in USA

Russia News.Net
Sunday 17th November, 2013

A Russian space agency has been trying to build spying compounds on US soil according to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Both the CIA and the Pentagon have called on the government to halt the Russian firm Roscosmos from building so-called monitoring stations for fears they could help Russia set up a spy and weapons network in the country.

The New York Times reported on the weekend that officials had been calling on the State Department to stop Roscosmos which the CIA suspects may be dealing with satellite-steered weapons.

CIA and Pentagon officials have expressed fear the Russians could be given the opportunity of living on US soil while improving their ability to spy on the United States.

Moscow has already rejected the suggestions, saying their buildings on US soil are only to improve the accuracy of Russia’s version of the Global Positioning System, rather than pinpoint targets for steered guided missiles.

Administration officials have now delayed a final decision to allow the structures while Moscow provides more information.

Russia’s global positioning network is in competition with that of the United States.

Russia already has branches of its GPS system in European countries including Spain.

Indonesia and Australia are also believed to be interested in assisting the Russians.

The United States currently dominates worldwide GPS positioning systems. The Russians could take away that commercial advantage.

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