Co-Author Of Constitution Dead at 88

Co-Author Of Constitution Dead at 88

Published: May 15, 2013 (Issue # 1759)

ST. PETERSBURG (SPT) — An author of Russia’s 1993 Constitution, Sergei Alexeyev, died after suffering a heart attack in St. Petersburg on Sunday. He was 88.

Alexeyev began work on the Constitution in late 1991 as a member of the working group of the Russian Movement for Democratic Reform. The two other ideologists were Anatoly Sobchak — a mentor of President Vladimir Putin — and Sergei Shakhrai.

The document was controversially adopted in 1993 amid a constitutional crisis that resulted in a stand-off between President Boris Yeltsin and the parliament. It replaced the Soviet-era Constitution of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, approved April 12, 1978.

He will be buried Friday in St. Petersburg.

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