Couple Surrenders After Psychiatric Hospital Bust

MOSCOW, February 14 (RIA Novosti) – The woman and her boyfriend who broke her out of one of Moscow’s most famous psychiatric hospitals in a daring raid have turned themselves in to the police, a police spokesman said on Thursday.

“The girl, who had left the hospital with her boyfriend, has voluntarily come to a police station with him and their lawyer,” he said without specifying any names.

The woman, reportedly named Anna Pavlenkova and 32 or 34 years old, escaped from the Gannushkin Hospital after a visit from her boyfriend and two other men on Tuesday.

The four attempted to leave together, but when hospital staff intervened the men sprayed some sort of gas and shot into the air with unidentified nonlethal firearms, the website said.

The escape was allegedly led by Pavlenkova’s fiancé, Brin, 26, after her relatives placed her in the hospital against her will, reportedly citing her strange behavior and tendency to wander aimlessly, which led to a diagnosis of “psychosis,” local media said. The date of her hospitalization was not clear.

The police spokesman told RIA Novosti that the couple wanted to sue the woman’s mother for placing her into the psychiatric hospital against her will.

According to the online tabloid Lifenews, Brin said that his girlfriend was pregnant, but her parents, who are against their relationship, promised to keep her institutionalized until she breaks up with him. He also said that she was about to undergo a medical abortion at the hospital, Lifenews reported.


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