Court Rules Kiev Must Pay Donbass Retirees – Govt. to Appeal (Again)

Kiev Appeal Administrative Court ruled Kiev must restart social payments. Ukraine Ministry of Justice announced will contest the decision at Supreme Administrative Court

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In February Adminstrative court ordered Kiev government to restart social payments to citizens in rebel-held Donbass:

Earlier in February the District Administrative Court of Kiev called off the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers to terminate the payment of retirement pensions and social payments to the inhabitants of the ATO zone, which was adopted in the beginning of November of 2014.

Ukraine government refused to follow, but took the decision to Appeal Administrative Court instead. The Appeal court has now upheld the decision of the Administrative court and again ordered Kiev government to start paying Donbass retirees:

The Kyiv court of appeals invalidated the ruling by the cabinet to stop social payments to residents living in rebel-controlled territories of Donbas, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Apr. 2.

The court invalidated the cabinet’s by-law of Nov. 7, 2014 whereby the government will pay salaries and pensions to residents living in rebel-controlled parts of Donbas when the territories are under Ukraine government control.

Social payments will not reach grass-roots residents of rebel-held Donbas and will be expropriated by the rebels, the government said when it suspended social payments, pledging to resume payments and pay all arrears due when Ukraine establishes control over entire Donbas.

Again, instead of complying with the court the Kiev government has announced it will contest the decision for the second time at Supreme Administrative court:

Plenipotentiary representative of the self-proclaimed people’s Republic of Lugansk Vladislav Danego the Minsk talks called legal Decision of the Kyiv court of justice on the illegality of the suspension of social benefits to residents beyond the control of Kiev Donetsk, however, the Ukrainian authorities shirk its execution.

first of nearly fifteen thousand pensioners of Donbass prepared statements in the courts because of the failure of Kiev to pay pensions. On Thursday, the Kyiv court of appeals upheld the decision of the trial court on the illegality of the suspension by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of all social benefits in controlled by the Ukrainian government areas of Donbass. The Minister of Finance Pavel Petrenko said that the justice Department is appealing the Decision of the appellate court to the Supreme administrative court of the country.

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