Daily Ticker – All the News That’s Fit to Link (April 1, 2016)


Wendi Deng rumoured to be dating Vladimir Putin after magazine links pair (Daily Mail). You know, the thought had occurred. But seriously, if this is the best they can manage, it’s risible, to say the least. Unless it’s an April fools’ joke.

Kremlin dismisses reports businessman provided home to women tied to Putin (Sputnik). Yeah but we wanna hear Peskov address rumours about Putin and Wendi Deng – not this complicated paper-trail stuff! Ah, but that may be the reason for the Wendi Deng story – to cater to those who’d easily get lost trying to follow the complicated paper-trail story about homes and women with pussycats and so forth. But seriously, one hopes Peskov won’t dignify the Deng rumours with a response.

Despite pledged drawdown, Putin flexes new forms of military muscle (Defense News). “But why would they position such an important strategic asset [the Iskander missile] without camouflage in the middle of a field, a few hundred yards from the runway where everyone can see it? It doesn’t make sense.” Er, perhaps so that everyone can see it?

Introducing the Iskander: The Russian missile NATO fears (National Interest). Let’s hope it talks some sense to Erdogan.

The Romanovs: masterful account of Russia’s doomed royal family (Guardian).


‘We’re going to war’ – Oliver Stone fears the dangerous extremism of neocon Hillary Clinton (Zero Hedge).

Turkey’s Erdogan came to Washington, and things got a bit crazy (Washington Post).

Trump’s new Russia adviser has deep ties to Kremlin’s Gazprom (Bloomberg). Well Trump’s all about deals, right? So positive news.


Serbia won’t ascent to EU at cost of alienating Russia, or join NATO – FM (RT).

Europe closes its eyes to war crimes and repression in Turkey (Strategic Culture Foundation).

Insane in the Ukraine

Forget the EU subplot; Maidan was about splitting Ukraine from Russia (Sputnik).


Russia says reports on US-Russian deal on Assad’s fate are “dirty leaks” (Daily Star). “Our American partners cannot publicly call into question this formula that … only the people of Syria decide all the questions about the future of Syria”. The Russians have been pretty consistent on this line; their refrain is on the sovereignty of nations, after all.

Details emerge of arrest of Russian of Russian pilot’s killer in restaurant in Turkey (Sputnik). Turkey’s Economy Minister had expressed hope that Russo-Turkish relations would improve soon. Perhaps this is Turkey’s peace offering.

Multipolar World

China set to deploy nuke-equipped ballistic missile capable of reaching US (Sputnik).

The mysterious letters: Is Washington plotting against Xi Xinping? (New Eastern Outlook).

China proposes $50 trillion global renewable energy network (RT). Such initiatives are better than war, war and more war.

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