Diva’s Voice Is ‘Too High’

Diva’s Voice Is ‘Too High’

Published: January 23, 2013 (Issue # 1743)

MOSCOW — One of the hardest things for an opera reviewer to do is to describe the lead singer’s voice. The reviewer could list off notes or compare the voice to that of a bird.

Polish soprano Katarzyna Dondalska reached a new milestone that reviewers can use to quantify her singing capacity. Her voice reaches high enough to damage the loudspeakers in Moscow’s metro.

Dondalska will be in Moscow on Jan. 25 to perform with the Morphing Vienna Chamber Orchestra at the Viennesse Strauss Gala 2013.

The concert’s organizers wanted to submit ads to play while people are riding the metro’s escalators, but some of the notes turned out to be too high and potentially damaging to the audio systems. In the end, the organizers had to choose another sound clip for the ad.

The Vienna-based chamber orchestra is returning to the city for the second time with a number of classical compositions from the repertoires of renowned world composers, including Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Mozart.

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