Dutch Say Prison Conditions Not to Blame in Activist’s Death

MOSCOW, April 19 (RAPSI) – The Dutch authorities have found no connection between Russian activist Alexander Dolmatov’s suicide and the conditions in the deportation center in which he was being held, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich said on Friday, quoting a report from the Dutch Safety and Justice Inspection.

“The report said Dolmatov’s death occurred from hanging himself,” Lukashevich said. “The prosecutors have not found evidence of wrongdoing in the actions of the staff of the Rotterdam deportation center where this occurred that would call for prosecution. However, the Safety and Justice Inspection concluded that his detention at the prison-like center was unreasonable. As he had filed his appeal against being denied political asylum on time, he did not qualify as an illegal immigrant.”

Dolmatov was not given proper medical assistance, Lukashevich added.

“However, the report emphasizes that Dolmatov’s suicide was not related to any mistreatment, according to the investigators,” he said. “It cites some system-wide flaws in the work with asylum applicants as a possible reason, not specific errors or the negligence of specific officials, which was the case. It states that a breakdown occurred in the information exchange system that contains all applicant data. Since Dolmatov’s case was not entered into the system on time and in full, the Russian national was erroneously put into a detention center in Rotterdam to await deportation.”

Dolmatov, a member of the Other Russia unregistered party, was involved in the case of the Bolotnaya Square rally in Moscow in May 2012. When the police began to arrest the suspects in the case, in which a political rally turned violent, he fled from Russia and sought political asylum in Netherlands.

Dolmatov’s lawyer Yevgeny Arkhipov announced in January that he had committed suicide. Dolmatov was found dead in the Rotterdam deportation center where he had been sent after his asylum application was turned down.


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