Europe’s most sensitive performer hits Moscow stage

RT caught up with English singer-songwriter James Blunt who’s visiting Moscow as part of his European tour.

A keen traveler, Blunt told RT that his way of life has influenced his music style a lot.

“I live quite a transient life, I travel a lot,” he said. “I used to be in the army, now I’m a musician and I’m on tour all the time. This year we’ve traveled to 165 different cities. I feel a kind of transience through life, I don’t stop and don’t have this sense of settlement. That’s why, perhaps, a lot of my songs are about saying goodbye and movement.”

Still, Blunt confessed, his songs are quite varied, which sometimes leaves the audience puzzled.

“My songs have ups and downs,” Blunt told RT. “People are often surprised by that. I think I’m most famous for sadder and more sensitive songs. But my albums do not necessarily reflect that.”

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