European project is collapsing – analyst

The European project is collapsing and the recent Oslo attacks are just another indicator of it, international affairs analyst Aleksandr Selivanov told RT.

”The European project is slowly collapsing,” he said. “There are a lot of migrants coming from North Africa, from the Middle East and some countries have to had to raise their borders again. They have to put back their restrictions: customs control, immigration control.

”That only tells us that the European project lacks vitality, the right agenda, and it should be shared by the people living in the EU,” Selivanov added.

The analyst, who is working with the Russian State University of Humanities, believes that the blame for the failure of multiculturalism in Europe should not be placed on immigrants alone.

”If you just impose a ban on wearing traditional clothes, explaining it by identification problems, that may lead to some discontent with people who cannot reject their identity, because you are imposing some restrictions on the identity of people, who come to live in your country,” he said. “That is why I am talking about integration rather than this confrontation with the migrants.

”The mere rhetoric saying that they are unwilling to integrate – I do not think that they are offered just enough instruments and tools how they can integrate,” Selivanov added. “They are not offered enough options.”

A double attack in Norway which claimed lives of over 90 people is believed to have been carried out by a Norwegian who expressed his radical Christian and anti-Muslims views on social networks.

The targets of both attacks have connections with the ruling Labor Party. The bloody shooting spree at Utoya Island just outside Oslo targeted the party’s youth conference, while the blast in the capital happened in close proximity to government buildings.

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