Gas to be supplied to Russky Island in Sep – Gazprom Mezhregiongaz

VLADIVOSTOK, August 18 (Itar-Tass) — Gas will be delivered to the Russky Island and the facilities of the 2012 APEC summit in September, the Gazprom Mezhregiongaz press service reported.

Gas will run under the bottom of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait, the press service told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

The 2.8 kilometre pipeline was laid from the Russky Island to the Nazimov Bay through a special well drilled in a unique operation that took more than 12 months.

The company’s deputy director general, Anatoly Marinichev, noted that thanks to the chosen construction technologies the strait’s ecosystem and the existing shipping traffic would be preserved.

Already in September gas will be pumped to the Vladivostok thermal power plant TPP-2 and consumers on the Russky Island.

Russia’s Gazprom gas giant confirms its plans to launch the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas pipeline in September 2011.

Gazprom’s deputy CEO, Valery Golubev, said the construction of the pipeline began in July 2009. “In the third quarter of this year, two years after (the start of the construction), the over 1,000-kilometer-long gas trunk line will be commissioned,” Golubev said.

“I would like to emphasize that the gas pipeline will start operating already next September,” Golubev added. The new gas pipeline will supply gas to Primorye, the Khabarovsk Territories and Sakhalin. It will also supply gas to the Russky Island, where an APEC summit will be held in 2012.

In the first years after the commissioning it will supply gas from Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 gas fields. “Starting from 2014, we can say with confidence that gas from the Sakhalin-3 project will become a resource base for supplies to the whole Far East,” the top manager stressed.

Gas supplies from Sakhalin to Vladivostok will start from September 2011, Gazprom Deputy CEO Alexander Ananenkov said.

“As of June 17, about 1,322 kilometres of pipeline have already been welded, while the designated length of the pipeline is 1,350 kilometres,” he said.

While stressing that the gas pipeline construction operations are under way along the whole distance from Vladivostok to the Russky Island, Ananenkov said that “the first line of the project will be complete in July, and the second, a reserve line, will be ready by October-November 2011.”

Gas supplies to Vladivostok from Sakhalin via Khabarovsk will be carried out in the format of Gazprom’s Sakhalin-2 project.

Under the project, the company plans to deliver 1.2 billion cubic metres of natural gas.

If Sakhalin gas price is at 50 U.S. dollars per 1,000 cubic metres, its cost for consumers of Vladivostok will be at 150-155 U.S. dollars per 1,000 cubic metres.

“Herein, there will be no need to give subsidies,” Ananenkov said.


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