Georgian NGO releases nonfiction book on US involvement in other nations’ affairs

A group of activists presented a book called “America’s 13” – a collection of nonfiction accounts that describe the methods and means US authorities have used in its foreign policy over the past decades.

The book is in Georgian and is a compilation of material by different authors.

It consists of 13 stories of rulers of different countries that can be united under the name “America’s satellites”, said Tariel Gagnidze, the chairman of the “Нistorical Нeritage” NGO that published the book. At various times, these persons came to power in various countries with America’s aid, he said. The book tells of their motivation and their history and also demonstrates the US approach to these countries. After choosing a certain personality, the United States helps this personality to seize power and works with him or her only, while the people of the country in question are not involved in any way. “We wanted to show our current life, and this is why we told the stories of Mr. Shevardnadze and Mr. Saakashvili.”

Gagnidze stressed that it is of large interest today, during the massive unrest in the Arab nations. The US politicians and State Department have supported the leaders of Middle Eastern countries, especially the oil-rich ones, and we can all witness the consequences of such policy, he said.

“Georgia has recently announced that the United States is its strategic partner. The book is about the essence of this partnership, about what we expect from this friendship and what we get in reality,”  former Georgian human rights official Nana Devdariani said at the presentation. The book is composed exclusively of facts and allows a thinking person make own conclusions, she said.

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