Here’s Another Example of Crude Propaganda Fed to German TV Audiences

German TV journalist reviled for her misrepresentation of the Malaysian airliner tragedy acts like she gets her paycheck from NATO

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Here’s another report from The Propaganda Show, a German blog which details the hard-core bias of the German media, which often sounds more like Nazi-era propaganda rather than real news.


This is probably one of the key questions that is most emphatically held back by the Western liars-media:

“Mr. Poroshenko, why are your troops shelling civilians?’

The question was heard loud and clear when Poroshenko greeted the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko. Exactly the same scene was shown in the evening at 19.00 in the daily news. The sound was turned down but the question from the journalist can be heard distinctly. However it was not translated by Katrin Eigendorf. And the viewers will probably know nothing about it.

Instead of reporting on the real matters, which are undoubtedly referred to by the question, Eigendorf keeps fantasizing about another story from her own propaganda projects named ‘lonely Putin’ and rightly so – only in Belarus!

Eigendordf’s propaganda tricks are only too well-known. These include creative interpretations of images or intentionally selected scenes which are loaded with political messages. 

Here goes again ‘lonely Putin’ and not even once:

Eigendorf: ‘There are gestures that count. Charm offensive by the Chancellor and the President of Ukraine. By contrast Vladimir Putin went alone to the table with a frigid face’.

Eigendorf: ‘This pompous building in the centre of the city is actually a perfect stage for the Russian president, and yet Vladimir Putin seems to be isolated, almost alone on the red carpet where the Belarusian president hosts him’.

This has certainly nothing to do with journalism. Eigendorf does not report on real events, but takes pictures and covers them with her propaganda. Brainwashing for German media ninnies. It looks extra grotesque, when the other transatlantic media try to communicate a completely different message using the same methods and different pictures.

ARD’s reporting was no better than ZDF. (The two main German TV news channels)  Although they show the greeting of Merkel and Hollande, as well as Putin, they have knowingly removed the scene with Poroshenko. 

Perhaps the ARD agitators start to realize that the viewers can no longer be fooled so easily. 

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