Kudrin dismissed from government’s military and integration commissions

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin dismissed former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aleksei Kudrin from his posts in the government’s military-industrial and economic development and integration commissions on Monday.

Kudrin, who headed Russia’s Finance Ministry since 2000, resigned on September 26 after a public conflict with President Dmitry Medvedev.

 Kudrin was also dismissed from the government commission on budget projects, regional development and high technologies and innovations and from working groups on modernization and development of the military-industrial complex.

On September 25, Kudrin said that he would not serve in a new government that could be formed by Dmitry Medvedev after presidential elections in 2012. The Russian president suggested that Kudrin resign within a day if he did not agree with the presidential policy. Kudrin said that before taking a decision, he would consult Putin. Later, it was announced that the president had accepted his resignation.

Last week, the prime minister said that despite “the emotional failure”, Kudrin would work in their team.

Kudrin has kept his positions as chairman of the National Banking Council and the presidential council on financial markets, which tackles the formation of the International Financial Center in Moscow.


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