McDonald’s food-poisoning victim wins lawsuit

A Russian customer has beaten fast-food giant McDonald’s in court for a second time. He suffered food poisoning after eating a Big Mac, and was awarded damages.

McDonald’s challenged the decision, but a higher court again backed the Nizhny Novgorod resident. He will have his legal expenses covered and receive 1,500 rubles in damages ($50) plus the cost of the burger he ate.

He is not the first Russian to have won damages from McDonald’s.

Back in March 2011, a retired military officer from St. Petersburg won his lawsuit against McDonald’s, receiving $3,500 for a broken tooth.

The court found the company guilty of negligence in allowing a stone to pass undetected into the man’s salad. No other case had ever been lost by McDonald’s to that date.

The case came amid the company’s announcements of the upcoming expansion of McDonald’s in Russia, with 40 more restaurants to be opened in the country in 2011 and growing investment in the enterprise.

McDonald’s has been operating in Russia since 1990 and now has 276 outlets.

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