Medvedev pledges to further improve Russia’s court system.

26/7 Tass 194

MOSCOW, July 26 (Itar-Tass) — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has pledged Russia’s court system would guarantee investors “stability, predictability and efficient protection of rights.”

“Elaborating practical steps to improve the investment climate in the country we try to look at the problem through the eyes of investors, to try their shoes,” he said on Tuesday at a meeting with judges of courts of arbitration and general jurisdiction courts.

He called on the participants in the meeting to speak up about their vision of the role of the court system in the state policy aimed at encouraging investments. “Decisions are based not on abstract words but on the dialogue with those whom we want to invest money, technologies, ideas, new management techniques, and it is secret to no one that investors scrutinize conditions they have to work in, assess their benefits and risks,” Medvedev said.

The president admitted that the situation in Russia is far from being ideal but there are distinct tendencies to improve it. “It is proved by the words of foreign investors, who several years ago said they feared to invest in Russia because of drawbacks of the Russian court system,” he said. “Now criticism of the Russian judicial system is voiced not so often, only in respect of particular court rulings.”

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