Missile defense meant to show US ‘still in the game’ – activist

With parts of the American missile defense shield set to be deployed in Poland by 2018, some in Poland are saying the system is meant to help Washington keep its imperial presence in the world.

Earlier this week, the US also agreed to a deal with Romania under which land-based interceptor missiles and over 100 military personnel will be based in the country. This was followed by another deal with Turkey on the deployment of an American radar station in the country’s east.

With US economic dominance on the decline, the Obama administration intends to cut costs, argued Philip Ilkovsky, an activist from the Polish Stop the War initiative. At the same time, however, the US does not want to be seen as retreating from the global geopolitical scene, Ilkovsky added.

“Of course the missile defense program is being cut compared to the Bush administration’s, but it still exists,” Ilkovsky told RT. “The Obama administration wants to show that it is doing something… [that] it’s still in the game.”

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