Moscow’s Ring Road to undergo major reconstruction

Moscow’s mayor has ordered that a plan be worked out for reconstructing the Ring Road, one of the most congested roads in the city.

­The authorities are planning to build a range of brand new interchanges, entries and exits from the Ring Road. Many of those are already in place, but are mostly too old or ineffective.

The new interchanges, built with the help of new technology, will ease the lives of Moscow drivers and open up major congestion points, according to City Hall.

Another idea is building relief roads around the major hotspots for traffic – for example, where shopping malls are built.

A previous plan for the road’s expansion, based on the so-called “Fourth Ring Road,” was scrapped due to its high price tag. 

Revamping Moscow’s over-crowded highways has been a priority of the city’s new mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, since he came to power nearly a year ago. So far Sobyanin managed to fulfill only a part of his ambitious plans, among them installing bicycle and bus lanes and building additional parking spaces.

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