Official’s driver loses license thanks to YouTube video

The Blue Buckets movement is celebrating a victory as the provocative footage they posted has cost an official’s driver his license.

The car in question, used to transport a high-ranking Central Bank employee, was caught violating traffic rules by pulling into the wrong lane to avoid a traffic jam.

It is not clear how the Blue Buckets obtained the incriminating footage, which appears to have been taken from a police-car camera.

The activists drew the police’s attention to the video back in May 2011.

The “Blue Buckets” movement took off in late 2009 following the surge in illegal use of special signals normally reserved for emergencies.

In one of their early manifestations, the protesters adorned their cars with blue buckets – a parody on blue flashing lights – and drove all over the center of Moscow at low speeds, causing traffic jams.

Soon after, a Livejournal community of the same name was set up with the aim of attracting public attention to officials’ violation of traffic rules.

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