Opposition Plans Rally on Russia Day in Moscow

MOSCOW, May 18 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s opposition and human rights activists plan to stage a rally in Moscow on June 12, Russia Day, Ilya Yashin, a member of the opposition’s Coordination Council said on Saturday.

“The goal of the action is to express support to the Bolotnaya case “prisoners” and voice protest against illegal persecution of political activists,” Yashin said, adding that the event is organized by the human rights activists.

The venue of the march will be announced later, he said.

The Coordination Council said the event will be held to support the Bolotnaya case suspects ahead of the trial.

Over 650 people were detained at a May 6, 2012 rally on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration to a controversial third presidential term as police clashed with protesters.

Most were soon released, but a case soon followed into what the investigators called mass riots. A total of 12 people were arrested in connection with the case. The riot allegations are hotly disputed by the opposition, which blames the police for provoking the clashes and claims the case is political.


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