Plant Power to Heal Humans

Plant Power to Heal Humans

Published: February 6, 2013 (Issue # 1745)

A group of scientists from St. Petersburg State University has bred a number of transgenic plants that are able to boost the human immune system, including the cells responsible for fighting viruses, the university’s press service announced, Interfax reported.

The scientists have developed transgenic tobacco, pea and carrot plants that synthesize bull interferon. This protein is produced by the cells of the immune system and boosts immunity.

“The transgenic plants that contain interferon stimulate anti-virus immunity and this is the only effective way to fight viral infections. During flu epidemics it would be enough just to have a salad made of such carrots to prevent infection,” said Vladislav Yemelyanov, an assistant professor of the university’s Genetics and BioTechnologies faculty.

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