Poland Grants Ukraine $100 Million Loan for Wall Against Russia

Another measure to protect “Western values”?


The article originally appeared at Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. Translated for RI by Alexander Samarkin

Poland grants Ukraine a loan of $100 million. The money will go to modernization of the energy sector and border crossings of the country. The government in Kiev is currently building a wall along the border with Russia after the Berlin model.

Poland grants Ukraine a loan of $100 million to modernize its energy sector and border crossings, said Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko last week during a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Bronislaw Komorowski in Kiev.

In early April, the State Border Guard of Ukraine started building a wall along the Ukrainian-Russian border. The Ukrainian interim prime minister Arseny “Yats” Yatsenyuk announced in September 2014 plans for building a wall against Russia after the Berlin model. 

“Poland reaches out to Ukraine. Poland will do anything possible so that other countries and peoples of the free Western world can reach out to Ukraine as well,” Ukrinform quoted Komorowski as saying in the speech he gave to the Ukrainian parliament on Thursday. 


In early March Poroshenko ratified a law establishing a joint intervention brigade with Poland and Lithuania. The brigade is intended to take part in UN missions. It will consist of 4,500 soldiers and is known as LITPOLUKRBRIG. Poland also wants to supply Ukraine with weapons.

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