Prosecutors’ car piles into bus stop injuring six

A car carrying employees of the Prosecutor’s Office has smashed into a bus stop on Moscow’s Garden Ring badly injuring three by-standers.

The BMW then sped off and piled into nearby parked cars, including a Porsche. The driver and his two passengers were all hospitalized in the crash.

The collision was so powerful that rescue workers had to use special tools to get the driver out from the twisted wreckage.

Witnesses say the BMW was trying to avoid a traffic jam by driving on the pavement and then sped off in a panic when it hit the woman and two men at the bus stop. Officials say the driver was not drunk.

The number of car accidents involving high-ranking officials has been on the rise in recent months.

Back in January 2011, two people were victims of a scandalous road accident in the Moscow region involving a high-profile Russian official.

A chauffeur-driven BMW with blue flashing lights and carrying presidential aide Garry Minkh, collided with a smaller car on one of the region’s biggest highways.

The BMW driver was killed, and a 23-year-old girl driving the second car was seriously hurt. Currently she is in intensive care. The official got away with a few bruises.

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