Putin: Preliminary net foreign direct invest at $27 bln in Jan–Jun

NOVO-OGARYOVO, Moscow Region, Jul 20 (PRIME) — Net foreign direct investments into Russia amounted to U.S. $27 billion in JanuaryJune, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Wednesday, citing a preliminary estimate by the Central Bank of Russia (CBR).

The country recorded $19.4 billion of net foreign direct investments in JanuaryJune 2010, Putin said, adding that the investments amounted to $29.6 billion in JanuaryJune 2007, prior to the global financial crisis.

The main goal at the moment is to support this positive trend (the inflow of foreign direct investments), and focus on the quality of long-term investments, so that new technologies come into our country along with capital, and modern production and jobs are created, Putin said.


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