Record 21,000 People Visit Russian Barque Sedov in Hong Kong

VLADIVOSTOK, February 27 (RIA Novosti) – A record number of over 21,000 people visited in Hong Kong the largest sailing ship in the world, which is Russia’s barque Sedov, Lyubov Yolkina, a spokeswoman for the Federal Agency for Fishery, said.

She said the Sedov, currently on tour around the world, stayed docked in Hong Kong for three days and two of them were open for visitors.

“The interest to the ship was so high that over 21,000 people visited it,” she said adding that it exceeded the previous record set last July in French Brest, when over 19,000 people visited the sailing vessel.

The vessel left Hong Kong on Monday and is now en route to Singapore, where he will also stay docked for three days, Yolkina added.

The four-masted Sedov barque made the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest traditional sailing ship in operation. It is 117.5 meters (385.5 feet) long and has over 4,000 square meters (13,123 square feet) of sails.

Sedov sailed on its round-the-world tour from St.Petersburg on May 20, 2012. Its crew consists of 70 members and 170 Russian naval cadets. Sedov will finish its journey in St.Petersburg in July 2013. During its 14-month tour around the world, the ship is set to cover around 45,000 nautical miles.

The journey around the world marks the 1,150th anniversary of the Russian statehood and memorable dates in the history of Russian geographic discoveries.


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