Round run for president Karimov’s daughter

It may sound more like the nickname of a go-go dancer, but GooGooSha is in fact the stage name of the Uzbek president’s daughter Gulnara Karimova, who has recently tried her hand at singing.

­Karimova’s Twitter page modestly describes the newly-born songstress behind the dance single Round Run as a “poet, mezzo soprano, designer and exotic Uzbekistan beauty.”

GooGooSha’s fans are also informed that Karimova’s desire for self-expression brought on an urge to write poetry, and from the poems, finally, “came the music.”

When the president’s daughter is not singing in English, she is creating clothes and jewelry for her brand Guli. The 39-year-old Uzbek multitasker, who holds a Master of Arts degree from Harvard, also took a design course at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Last year, however, organizers of New York Fashion Week cancelled her show after pressure from human rights activists, who accuse Karimova’s father of serious human rights violations in Uzbekistan. They also claim that the cotton used for her collection was produced using child labor.

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