Russia, China Set to Confront Interference in Domestic Affairs

SHANGHAI, May 20 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and China are set to stand against meddling in domestic affairs of other states and call to abandon the language of unilateral sanctions, financing or encouraging the activity aimed at changing the constitutional form of government, a joint statement says after the talks between Russian and Chinese leaders in Shanghai.

“The sides stress the necessity to respect the historic heritage of countries, their cultural traditions and the independently chosen social and political system, the system of values and ways of development,” the statement says after talks between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

The sides urged to “preserve stability of international relations, peace and security on regional and global levels and settle crisis situations and disputes, fight against terrorism and trans-border crime and counteract the spreading of weapons of mass destruction.”

“The parties are united that in common world interdependence of countries and peoples as well as convergence of economies and cultures of various states is steadily growing,” the statement reads.

President Putin assured China’s leading media companies on Monday that the two nations had worked out every possible issue that could have hampered further strengthening of bilateral ties.

Speaking ahead of his May 20-21 visit to China, Putin stressed that the positions of the two countries on many international and regional issues coincide and praised the mutual desire to further enhance the partnership.

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