Russian–South Korean relations have good future, Medvedev says

 Russian-South Korean relations have a very promising future, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday, adding the countries can jointly hold modernization policies and cooperate in many other spheres.

“Russian-South Korean relations have a very good future; we are going forward in all spheres: in the economy, in the implementation of large projects, in innovations and in humanitarian cooperation,” Medvedev said after talks with his South Korean counterpart, Lee Myung-bak.

“Cooperation in many spheres is developing dynamically…Our countries are good partners, we do not have problematic issues [in relations],” Lee said, adding that his country is ready to take part in developing Siberia and Russia’s Far East.

Both presidents on Wednesday visited the St. Petersburg international civil society forum Korea-Russia Dialogue.

“I’ve heard that St. Petersburg is a ‘window to Europe’ which links Russia to Europe. Now, this city could also be called a ‘window to Korea’ because it is playing a key role in Russian-South Korean contacts.”


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