Russian Military to Form 26 New Brigades by 2020

Russia’ Defense Ministry will form 26 additional brigades by 2020 without increasing the overall number of personnel in the Armed Forces, Commander of Ground Forces Col. Gen. Vladimir Chirkin said on Monday.

In line with the current military reform, the Russian Armed Forces have been reduced to 1 mln personnel and reorganized from a four-tier (military district – army – division – regiment) to a more flexible and battle-ready three-tier structure (military district – operational command – brigade).

At present, there are about 100 brigades deployed in four military districts.

“We will add 10 reconnaissance, 14 army aviation and two air defense brigades by 2020,” Chirkin said.

He added, however, that the overall number of personnel in the Armed Forces would not change.

“We have reached a million, and no further changes will be made,” the general said.


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