Siberian Prisoner Cuts Own Tongue Off

KRASNOYARSK, May 7 (RIA Novosti) – An inmate cut off part of his tongue in the Minusinsk prison in southern Siberia, a spokeswoman for the region’s penitentiary authority said on Monday.

“He inflicted a self wound by cutting off part of his tongue with a blade from a disposable razor. The inmate immediately received first aid from employees of the penitentiary facility,” spokeswoman Yekaterina Brotsman said.

She said the man, convicted kidnapper Mamuka Chkhapeliya, injured himself back in April “in order to avoid complying with the prison authorities’ lawful demands.”

“The inmate is described in negative terms, he repeatedly violates the prison’s rules of conduct,” the spokeswoman said, adding that he had already received more than 252 reprimands from prison authorities.

The man, who was sentenced to seven and a half years behind bars, refused to give any explanation for his actions.

Chkhapeliya is now being treated in a prison hospital in Krasnoyarsk, and his wound is not life-threatening.


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