Three held for anti-Putin protest

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Monday 4th March, 2013

Three political activists were detained on Moscow’s Red Square for attempting to hold an unauthorised protest against President Vladimir Putin, police said.

The three people were detained “for disturbing the peace”, and “administrative action” would be taken against them, the police press service said.

Police did not say exactly how they “disturbed the peace” but Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov wrote in his twitter microblog that the activists had chained themselves to a gate on the edge of Red Square and unfolded a banner reading “Down with Tsar Putin” to mark the first anniversary of the “false presidential election”.

Meanwhile, an art group called Lyudi (People) built a flower wall in the Novopushkinsky public garden near City Hall with an inscription reading “Rossia Navsegda” (Russia Forever), to mark a year since Putin’s election for a third presidential term.

The group urged him to look after the country like a gardener looks after flowers.

A 2.5-by-4 metre banner was also put up on a building in Moscow next to the Audit Chamber, carrying a likeness of Putin and reading: “We’ve Made the Right Choice!” and below: “For Putin!”

Police said the banner was removed and no one was detained.

–IANS/RIA Novosti


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