Top Russian Blogger, Opposition Activist Moves To Prague

PRAGUE — Prominent Russian blogger and opposition activist Rustem Adagamov says he has left Russia for the Czech Republic.

Adagamov, who writes under the nickname “Drugoi” (The Other), said on February 28 he had “always wanted to live” in Prague and had rented an apartment there.

It is unclear how long Adagamov plans to stay in the Czech capital.

Widely considered Russia’s top blogger, Adagamov writes about a range of topics, from politics to religion to animal welfare.

He said he now intended to blog about European culture and traditions.

He said his move to Prague was not connected to a Russian investigation into his ex-wife’s claims that he sexually abused an underage girl 15 years ago in Norway.

Adagamov has dismissed the accusations as “nonsense.”

With reporting by and BBC

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