Two-Fingered Russian Charged With Roasting Baby in Stove

CHITA, January 24 (RIA Novosti) – A 34-year-old East Siberian has been charged with cutting up and roasting parts of his baby niece in an oven, police said on Friday.

Police said the man, who has just two fingers, killed the two-year-old girl after a drinking session with the child’s mother – his sister – in a village in the Oldonda Borzinsky district of Russia’s Transbaikal region.

The child was killed while the mother was briefly visiting neighbors, police said. When she returned, she was unable to locate her child, who was subsequently discovered dead in the oven.

Body parts believed to have belonged to the child were also discovered in the kitchen.

Police said the suspect had appeared “indifferent” to goings-on before and after his arrest.


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