UN resolution gives too much power to coalition – British MP

Barry Gardiner, a member of the British Parliament, was among those who voted against the intervention because he believed that it was impossible for any military involvement to be limited simply to a humanitarian mission protecting the rebels.

“It is clear that now there is real engagement by the coalition forces in what is in effect a civil war in Libya,”

he said.

He believes that what is going on in Libya right now is not something Britain should get involved in. However, he did support the UN resolution when it passed, and sincerely hoped Russia would support it, too.

“But then I thought it was for the Arab League and the historic powers in that region to take action for humanitarian protection,”

he said.

“It was not for Britain to get involved in that sphere.”

He says the resolution is extraordinarily wide, and gives far too much power to the coalition forces.

“That was always my fear, that this could not be contained to the three central elements which it was supposed to allow – namely, humanitarian protection, a no-fly zone and an embargo on arms to all of Libya,”

he stated.

“It now appears that the coalition forces are at least considering arming the rebels.”
“We should at all points respect the United Nations resolution,”

he added.

“And that means that those engaged in the coalition forces should not do anything other than simply enforce the no-fly zone and [provide] that humanitarian protection.”

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