United Russia’s ex-member Aladin to sell membership card at auction

A member of the United Russia party in the southern Russian city of Samara, Alexander Aladin, left the party with a scandal and put his membership card up for an auction in the internet for one ruble (three cents), Russian news agency Novy Region reported on Monday.

In this fashion the former member of the party has expressed his protest against it. “You will lose Russia if you vote for United Russia,” Aladin said.

Aladin left the party and wanted to hand over his membership card, but it was not accepted, so Alexander decided to sell it at an auction.

“This party has ruined industry, agriculture, education, health, military service during its existence,” Aladin said. “Its members are mired in corruption and theft. It has lost the trust and respect in society and the phrase ‘United Russia’ became a dirty word among the people,” Aladin added.

Russia will hold a crucial parliamentary vote on December 4, followed by presidential elections in March next year. The ruling United Russia party nominated Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as its presidential candidate in the presidential elections on Sunday.


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