Unsanctioned Rally runs in Russia’s Kazan

A 100-strong unsanctioned rally to denounce police atrocities run in Kazan on Sunday, ten participants have been detained, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

The two-hour-long campaign in the capital of Tatarstan was organized by activists from Against Criminality and Lawlessness movement.

After the campaign finished, about 50 people of those who took part in it attempted to march on Tatarstan’s Interior Ministry headquarters.

The entire staff of a district police squad in Kazan was dismissed on Friday following an incident in which a suspect was allegedly killed in custody after officers sodomized him with a champagne bottle, a top police spokeswoman said.

The Dalniy district squad consisted of 81 people. Nizhelskaya quoted senior officers in the republic’s police as saying that the current criminal investigations against the squad members were only the beginning. Five police officers have been detained over the incident so far.

Sergei Nazarov, 52, died in custody on March 10, a day after being arrested on minor theft charges. He was taken to hospital complaining of stomach pains and died soon after of intestinal injuries.

Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev sacked the head of a district police department in Tatarstan on Thursday, and reprimanded the republic’s Interior Minister Asgat Safarov over the incident.


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